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You Are Drenched In Gold

It's been a while friends. Thank you for waiting.

The other day, my son and I were walking along this gorgeous street, when my son remarked. "It's not just the trees. The sun itself is a different tone. Richer, and golden." He was right. As autumn explodes in a final blast of color, the sun in the sky matches the brightness of the flora and fauna in their season finale.

We each feel that natural radiance. The bright, ambitious colors enliven our senses. New bold shades, that were green just weeks ago, beg us to look at them.

On dry days the leaves waltz and dance as they flutter to the ground. The joy of the crinkle of leaves under foot calls to our inner child to run, stomp, and play. On rainy and foggy days, the musty scent of final transitions touches our hearts. We are both glad and sad at the same time.

I recently spent the past month and a half on the road, in new towns and territories. Autumn's mysteries were everywhere. I had the luxury of being solo for most of it. Allowing me hours to bask in all the jubilant sensory surrounding me. What I discovered was each of us, is drenched in gold.

We each carry a light that ebbs and flows in its projection, but it is always there. Unlike the nature surrounding us, our seasons can arrive on more random occasions. Giving us a white spring light one day. Or a day too dark, you think the light is extinguished. Then another day, where it is drenched in the same autumn shades that carry us back to the beauty of fall.

We are six weeks away from a calendar change. In that stretch we are privileged with time to bask in the gold that comes from multiple sources. My wish for you, is that you have time to bask in that golden gift. Whether it's home with loved ones. At a destination you love. Or in the quiet of renewal during the holiday season.

To the golden season ahead.


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