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Darkest before Dawn

The other day, Mother Nature, put on a sunrise show, to rival any fireworks I have seen. I am not often awake when the sun rises. Or at least in the hours before the sun is up. In the process of two hours, the world went from pitch dark to radiance, in a creeping transition.

As I watched it, I thought of my previous post about looking for light in this season. Because at times, life can only look dark, and we wonder, and even forget that somewhere there is light. Even if we can't see it.

Where I live, months of wondering what sunlight looks and feels like, is a common experience. I have to remind myself that people in Scandinavia have only two seasons. Light and dark. It is impressive that entire swaths of people live that way, and love it.

For my readers today, I share my darkness before dawn photos. May light continue to find you.

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