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Awfully Quiet Over Here!!

Yes, it has been. There are myriad reasons for that, all of which are important and have their place. Still, I miss sharing with you. Most of all, I want to get back to why I created this page. To help each of us harness our own stories. Our lives may not seem glamourous or feel worth remembering but they are, because you are worth remembering. The you of now, of then, and of tomorrow.

As Susan Orlean wrote in The Library Book,

Our minds and souls contain volumes inscribed by our experiences and emotions; each individuals consciousness is a collection of memories we've cataloged and stored inside us, a private library of life lived. If we can take something from that internal collection and share it with one person or with the larger world, on the page or in a story recited - it takes on a life of its own.

Let's all start writing ours. Not for publication like you find in a book store, but for the sharing with ourselves and others. You only need five minutes a day to pull up one memory or thought, and put it into written words. The generations beyond you are waiting for those words.

My commitment to you is to once a week, reach out, send you a prompt to write about, then ask you to print it. If we don't print them, we will be the first generation without a written legacy. And as author Bob Ferguson said at a book event last weekend,

If you don't write your story, someone else will, and it won't be your story, it will be theirs.

Here is this week's writing prompt, feel free to do it daily, too.

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