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'Tis the Season,

All over the world, various celebrations, holidays, and remembrances are happening. For the northern half of the world, we are marching toward the longest night of the year. Depending on your longitude and latitude, the longest night of dark, can also be the longest day of dark. This season calls in a sense of reflection. No two people's reflections are the same. Nor are those reflections the same day after day.

Childhood Holiday Memories

As a young girl, this season was the most magical. The days of family, fun, and festivities swirled around me. I loved every minute of it.

It never occurred to me that it could be anything less than wonderful for everyone. Didn't everyone make cookies, watch Christmas shows, and have a circle of loving people around them? Maturity and time would shift that understanding.

For me, Christmas is still fun. But I know now, that not everyone has those joys, no matter if you celebrate Christmas or not.

Finding Light in the Dark

Where ever you are in life, I invite you to find light in the dark. It may take effort, or be as easy as pie. For me, I love nature. I don't hike or camp, but if there is a good windstorm, I make sure to walk in it. I watch for every sunrise, sunset, or moonbeam in the sky. I walk along my street and look at Christmas lights. If none of those are available, I will flip the switch on my gas fireplace, and rest in front of it.

I teach a class about journal writing. I invite participants to release old wounds through writing. It's a lovely practice. If finding sources of light isn't fulfilling, try grabbing a pen and paper, and write out your pain, sorrow, and worry. Give that pain an avenue of its own light. Afterwards, cuddle up with a sweet warm beverage and bask in the joy of your being. For each and every one of us is light.

I send love and light to you at this time of year.


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