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Wanna Get Closer to Your Mom?

Without buying anything? Or making anything? Today, in this post, I share a sure-fire method for doing that.

You have a mom and its Mother's Day this weekend. The celebration of which can be a time of joy, reflection, sorrow, and wishes, all rolled into one. Each story is different. Today, I offer you a technique to enhance your connection to her.

No matter what your status with her is, I invite you to take 20 minutes, and write about her as you knew her. Who is she? Who was she? What role did she play in your life? What were her joys or sorrows? What did you like best? Or least? The stories of our lives vary by the storyteller. This weekend, you will tell yours through your lens.

The Technique

The technique is simple. I have used it for years. I guarantee it will be miraculous.

  • Collect writing material, whether it's a journal, a note pad, a used envelope, or a Word page.

  • Set a timer for 20 minutes. (You can go longer should you want to.)

  • Begin to write whatever feelings, memories, or emotions come to mind.

  • Write without editing. Misspellings, and grammar won't count. You are writing feelings.

  • Cry, laugh, rage, remember, and wish as much as you like.

  • Chose any direction. It need not be love and adoration. If it is anger, grief, sorrow, or regret those are lovely thoughts. Honor both of you by bringing them forth. If they are fun, sweet, silly, and brightening - relish them. Float on the river of delight.

When you are finished, you choose what to do with it. You may keep it, tuck it away, destroy it, discard it. Or, if you like it, do another one. Do as many as you like.

My Promise:

Within the day, likely within the hour, you will feel a shift, a deepening, a release, or an understanding. All for the good. Even the dark feelings. Carry them with you. Be the torch bearer of the joy. Because you had & have a mother.

Happy You and Her Day,

this weekend.



PS. If no one has told you this lately, I appreciate you.

photo attibrution Davia Obymaha and Josh Willink

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1 Comment

I so appreciate you!!! Sending love and hugs!

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