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What's Your Story - Your First Crush

Before I begin, A huge shout out to all of you who shared your favorite childhood memory. They were beautiful. I hope you don't mind if I use them for future posts? I was overcome reading them. They took me back to sweet memories of my own. Thank you.

Today's Story Share Opportunity.

Who or what was your first crush? I am leaving the door open for all answers.

My first celebrity crush was Christopher Plummer. I was four years old when my dad took me to see The Sound of Music on the big screen. I didn't sit through the long movie very well. Before the end of the movie, I was out by the concession stand more than I was in my seat. However, that chiseled face of Captain von Trapp had captured my heart. There was no letting go. Even today, if a clip comes up, I am smitten.

A year later, I added Yul Brynner to my "hot guys of Hollywood" list, after my mom and I watched the King and I on television. I was now a mature five years old. My future was looking bright.

Beyond the Silver Screen

Silver Screen leading men were not my only crushes. I crushed on classmates, and puppies, as well as Charlie Brown. My first real kid crush and I bonded over throwing rocks at each other on the school playground. Our love deepened when we were punished by having to sit out the next recess on the sidewalk where the yard duty could see us. Years later we ran into each other at a job. The last time we had seen each other we were in middle school. Three years later, we found ourselves listed on the same shift together. Our first comment to each other was, "Do you remember when we got busted for throwing rocks." True love never dies.


Puppy Love

Puppies have always been my animal crush. From the time I saw my first one when I was six years old, I have had a thing for puppies. The first one we took in, looked like it wouldn't make it through the night. She proved us wrong. She could never win a cutest dog contest. Yet her pluck, her resilience, and her unbridled love would last until I was in my mid-twenties. She had endured a gender naming mistake, a couple of home moves, plus, the ups and downs of our childhoods. She even experienced derision as people who had never seen her could only exclaim, "That is the ugliest dog I have ever seen." Mockery wouldn't stop her. She was my girl through thick and thin. Our love lasted her entire lifetime.


Comically Cursed

I have never spoken about my feelings for Charlie Brown. It was too personal. I never did like the "little red headed girl" he had a crush on. I knew she'd never be good enough for him. But show after show, comic strip after comic strip, he never found me. I eventually worked through it. Today, holidays don't happen without Charlie Brown, even though he never loved me the way I hoped he would.

Real Time

This past November, my biggest crush and I celebrated 38 years together. I remember the first day I saw him. My soul was a tidal wave of different emotions. My brother had been telling me about him for a week. I kept putting my brother off. I wasn't interested. Then unexpectedly we bumped into each other. It was "awe" at first sight. Mingled with "how rude, you drank my drink and are annoying" to "I am not a match". With all the myriad heart and hormones in between. Time would be on our side. Eventually we married.

Today, we have been to places I never thought I'd go. We have been each other's growth and support. We have made a million memories and have a million more to make.

Along the way we added three outstanding kids. They are moving and shaking the world in remarkable ways. So often I look around and can only say, "I love my beautiful life."

All of it happened because of a crush.

Now it's Your Turn,

Who or what were your childhood crushes? I'd love to read about them. I hope they are abundant in joyful, happy memories. Because you, too, have a beautiful life.

Have a great day,


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