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Inspired by Women

Have I got some books for you. I am cutting to the chase here. In the past three months, I have been inspired by women in the literary department. I don't often read novels. I tend to be a non-fiction fan, all that shifted with the four books below. Written by three different female authors, each covering the forgotten women who risked and served in World War II.

Every topic was deeply researched, giving the fictional characters depth and relevance not found in non-fiction histories. From every page, the reader feels, tastes, smells, and see's the world collapse and reform during the turbulent years of strife when regimes of cruelty rose and fell all over the globe.

With National Women's Month ending, and as our generation is rising from the ashes of a worldwide pandemic, I invite you to grab a copy of one of these books, and see what our former sisters brought to this beautiful life. May you find inspiration for your life.

I invite you to click on the red highlighted links below for the books. Or check your local library for a loaner copy.

Happy Reading.

Angels of the Resistance by Noelle Salazar

The Librarian Spy by Madeline Martin

The Flight Girls by Noelle Salazar

Eyes Turned Skyward by Alana Dillon

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