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Bright Start Daily - You

As I road my bike in the early morning summer sun, before we reach our 90- degree high mark, I was thinking of you. Better yet, reflecting on you. My friends, fans, and readers.

An author/writer doesn't reach fulfillment until they have readers. For me, I have you. Each one of you. Here's a juicy secret, I follow you. I look at the stats after my posts roll out. Not to see the number but to know if we connected. I cherish how many of you open and read my posts. My delight soars as you comment and share your thoughts, memories, and feelings with me based on a post I wrote. These reflections are the bright start to my day. I am taking the liberty of sharing some today.

As I pedaled along, I recalled an online chat I had with C. Daniel Martin. He and I share a love of similar books such as The Great Brain and Calvin and Hobbes. He messaged me after reading my post, Magic of Christmas . We were comparing our different grandparent scenarios. He reflected on how his grandparents lived nearby and he saw them all the time. There was no excitement of traveling to visit them. However, what was exciting, was cousins.

I remember really looking forward to seeing my cousins. I actually only have five first cousins.

Picturing those six cousins reconnecting then scampering off to mischief and fun was joyous to me. Sort of a verbal Christmas present from Daniel to me. I still think of it when I pass my Christmas post.

Pretty soon, I was stopped at a traffic light, my mind veered off Christmas and moved into summer picnic mode and al fresco dining. When an image popped up of a girl and her mom, in sundresses, next to a parked car, eating lunch on the lawn floated up. It was from my friend and fan Joanne M. She wrote beneath the image,

Carrie, I saw your post and thought of this!! My goodness, what memories it brings - the old car, blanket and my Mom!

Jo grew up in Scotland, and a few weeks before my post on picnics her dad passed away. Somehow during her grief she remembered this photo. I presume her dad took it. When I stared at it, I could sense a myriad of stories it told, about picnics, family, and dreams fulfilled. Gratefully she is allowing me to share it with you. Isn't it beautiful?

With the sun full blaze, I finished my ride, coasting past my local elementary school, I read the "Summer Reading" sign posted out front. My mind went from summer reading to libraries. From libraries it landed on a comment from RD Lawrence. He commented on a post with these words,

As a kid I read the Great Brain series, or what I could find of it, along with Ruth Chew, Three Investigators, Encyclopedia Brown, Danny Dunn, Alvin Fernald, Peter Graves, etc. My sister and I were taken to the library once a week and encouraged to read as much as possible.

That quote sums up each of you in my friends and fan group. You are all people who read as much as possible. You are bright, engaging, and the delight of my life. Keep sharing with me. I come to know you better and myself better. Thank you for enriching me. Life is better because of you. Now go read a book, have a picnic, or find a cousin (friend) to frolic with - even if it's just to grab a smoothie or ice cream.



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