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Thank You for Being My Valentine

The holiday of love is upon us again. The one full of hope or hurt, depending on where your heart is now.

If you had a Happy Valentine's Day, congratulations. You deserved every minute of it. Celebrate it, replay the details over and over.

On the other hand, if you didn't have a chocolate bliss, fresh flowers, cute note day, take a minute, and emotionally give yourself one. You do deserve it.


Whenever we began this once in a lifetime earth experience, we arrived with optimism and enthusiasm. We were undeterred. We taught ourselves to roll, crawl, scoot, stand, walk, and eat. We were determined to find every joy. Most of us are eons from that early stage. While it did happen, we kept no recollection of it. That being is still you. You may have a little more emotional baggage now, but the sweet, pure seed of you is still there.

On your infant self-behalf, I invite you to cherish all the fantastic achievements you have had during your sojourn. Revel in the fun, the delightful, the sparkly. What were your favorites? How did they happen? Who else was there? What did you enjoy the most? These are your valentines to you.

Though we may not be neighbors who live next door to each other, I know enough about each of you, to know you are generous, smart, caring, talented, and inspiring in your own way. You have each helped me become a success and fulfill a portion of my life in ways I didn't fully imagine. Your support is its own valentine to me.

All of life is better because each of us passed through here. Thank you for being my valentines.

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Thank you for being a sweet valentine to all of us! xxox!

Me gusta
Carrie Lynn
Carrie Lynn
15 feb 2023
Contestando a

Happy to. xox!

Me gusta
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