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Summer Send Off - Chapter One

5 Regions, 3 Countries, 1,000 Miles or More - Magical

In the US the final weekend of summer just wrapped. We call it Labor Day.

In my life summer wrapped August 30, as I stepped off a plane.

Three weeks before I had raced through Prague, Scotland, and London. My soul awash with fresh thoughts and perspectives. I found a new admiration for life, for endurance, tenacity, ingenuity, art, and style. It was the exclamation point of my heart.

Because you are my friends, I will whisk you through a highlight reel of each place. Later on I will write more detailed posts but for now I introduce you to Prague.

Prague or Praha, as it was initially styled in the past.

As well as Moravia and Bohemia.

The world's most beautiful city - welcomes everyone. Alive, bright, pristine, and noble. Blocks of beauty go on for eternity. You keep walking and there is always more. The people are friendly and gracious. They love their city and they want you to, too.

Castles, cathedrals, astronomy towers & clocks, art and classical music wrap themselves around you as you go. We raced through it in two and a half days. Soaking in as much as we could.

Kutna Hora - A UNESCO Preservation Site

To the east of Prague lies the astonishing city of Kutna Hora. Flanked by Sedlac Ossuary or Church of the Bones and St. cathedrals, while supported by Little Italy City Center. It is a glorious extension of Prague and yet like any sibling, it stands alone in its grandeur. We had one day to tour it all. The nearly 100-degree heat joined us. *Photos are no longer permitted in the Ossuary. But if you click the red words, you can catch a glimpse.

Thank you Czechia - Hello Scotland

Kutna Hora, Czechia was our finale in Prague. We dined by the Charles River on our last night, anxiously waiting to catch a photo of the medieval, and still working castle at night. Three days was barely a taste. I suspect we will return.

Summer Send Off Chapter Two Tomorrow. Scotland at Lightening Speed.

Special thanks to Travel Yes Please and Lonely Planet for their blog contributions today.

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Always good to leave a little something unseen no matter where one travels so there's always an excuse and need to go back, you betcha!

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