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Go Play Outside!!!

Did your parents ever say that to you?

Hey Everyone,

I have been MIA for a few months. At every step along the way, you were on my mind. I am not exaggerating. I see things and I want to share them with you. I wonder what your take is on places and events. I want us to revel in life's stories together. Both yours and mine.

Yesterday, as I wandered past our county's Memorial Day events, I thought of how this final weekend in May always felt like the official start of summer to me. I recalled two comments from an earlier post that encapsulate that summer feel.

I loved to read! Summers on the couch after swim practice with a stack of books from the library, where my mom took me all the time. The Great Brain was one of the books I delved into. - Patrick Weill

I had days just like that. The public library was a block from my swim center. They shared the same parking lot on different ends. Morning work outs, afternoon reading.

Yet not every summer experience needs swim workouts or books.

My childhood consisted of running through fields, playing in creeks, and rivers. Riding bikes carelessly through wide open, empty streets. Playing exciting games with friends. It was the quintessential Rockwell childhood. Too many wonderful memories to remember just one. - Boyd Christensen

Did you have that kind of summer, where the entire world was your playground?

Every one of us in this community are adults. Yet, I think a little Peter Pan-ness lingers inside. My invitation to you is,

Go Outside and Play!!!

Then tell me in the comments what you played today and what you played when you were a kid. I can't wait to read them.

Remember, summer hours last well beyond dark.

Have a blast,


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Go Play Outside!.. I grew up playing outside. In the summer it was hide and go seek in the neighborhood. Our group of friends consisted of my siblings, and a couple, three kids in the neighborhood. It was such that all the neighbors knew our games, and would let us hide in their back yards. Well, most of them anyway. It seemed so huge to have the whole street, and yards, to play in. Now we protect and guard our children, and a lot of us don't know our neighbors. I truly miss the good ole days, So as a grown up, I revel in the outdoors, every chance I get, and try to get to know my neighbors. Mayb…

Carrie Lynn
Carrie Lynn
Dec 29, 2022
Replying to

Thank you. Here it is six months later and I am reading your comment. Ooops. I can so picture your group. I grew up with one just like that. It is sad and silent these days. You keep playing outside. We all need to do it more often. The more someone is out, the more likely others will, too.

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