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Finding Fitzgerald

In October 2019, my first official memoir Finding Fitzgerald, was released. Like any creator, I was proud of my product. Yet, due to a world wide pandemic most of my promotional events were cancelled. However, fans of John D. Fitzgeralds books supported my book generously. The following words of gratitude for my work, arrived in my email box this past March.

"My father was a 6th grade teacher for 30 years, and read every single one of the Great Brain books to his class, every single year (of course read to me as well). Any time a former student of his runs into him, they always remember the Great Brain without fail!! My father and I have always talked and wondered about what happened to Tom and what were the true stories behind all of these tales. I just ordered your book off Amazon to be delivered to my father's house; he is going to flip!!!! Thank you for doing this research so that I can deliver my dad all the answers we used to wonder about before! Sincerely, Robert"

Today I proudly launch my Finding Fitzgerald Gallery here. I look forward to regularly blogging about Fitzgerald, as well as other authors that inspire me.

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