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Christmas Finale - Fitzgerald Style

December 27, 1917, Price, Utah -

The stories of Price, Utah often overlook the Fitzgerald family contributions. It is a shame really, because Mamma Fitzgerald brought talent, creativity, beauty, and success to Price in multiple ways. Today we honor her sewing accomplishments for the annual Christmas pageant. "The costumes were pronounced even above her usual accomplishments." As you can see, Belle was again part of the program.

Why John didn't weave these details into his story is also a mystery to me. We get hints of Mamma's civic commitment but not to the extent and talent that she gave to their tiny town. In a way she was the champagne in the town. All her gifts were bright, ebulliant, and radiant. Whatever you are doing this Christmas season, follow Mamma's example and do it "above your usual accomplishments."

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas to Everyone,


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