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A Fresh Resolve

The annual proclamation of "New Year's Resolutions" trope is on the move. It's been here as long as the holiday has been celebrated. Most everyone I know has spent more precious hours failing their resolutions than succeeding. It doesn't matter the intent or how sincerely you want it, somewhere between the dream, the plan, the writing it down, and fulfilment, it gets lost.

Every time you don't succeed, a piece of you gets lost. Year after year those losses link together to build a chain in your soul, not unlike Jacob Marley's. Year to year, day to day we subconsciously carry these losses within us as proof of our personal failings. What if we changed that?

A New Year; A New You

For three years I have studied mindset, habits, and soul outcome. What I have come to understand is that we write our souls story every day. We let our vision of ourselves define us. If most of us were honest, our personal vision of ourselves isn't as lovely as we want it to be. The great news is, if we are the author, we can change the story.

I can hear you asking, "But isn't that why we make resolutions, and set goals?" I suppose so, but after years of making resolutions and goals, I have found my greatest successes and delights come from the experiences I didn't write down, plan, make lists for, check calendar boxes off, or pay a gym membership for. I bet the same has happened for you.

I hear your next question, "Then what can we do?" I am glad you asked. Here's my invitation is:

Celebrate You!!!

Each day!!

It costs you nothing. It creates joy. It brings beauty. And I believe it ultimately helps you attain your truest desires. Attaining your truest desires beats out a million failed resolutions.

My Proposal -

  1. Look for One Joy or Delight Daily. It can be in nature, in your home, in a book, or quiet cup of tea. When you find it, acknowledge it. Nothing more, just a simple "thanks" or mental note.

  2. Count Your Successes. Nothing is too big or small. Even if it's just rolling out of bed. Or doing the routine job you do. Those successes count. Feel free to count them all day long. Make sure you count at least 3 before you go to sleep each night. *Insider Secret - every success you count nullifies a prior loss.

  3. Sit still for five minutes. Turn off everything, put it aside, and just sit. You can meditate if you want or you can just let your mind prattle on. Let it prattle, don't answer, or pick it up, let it float like a wave.

Just three doable things. They can be done anytime, anywhere, and any way that supports you. That is my wish for you in 2023, to let you support the fabulous, outstanding, and wonderful you. All the other things on the list will find their way naturally. When you like you, then more joy, love, and beauty will find you.

Happiest of New Years To You

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What a beautiful piece, and the best piece of advice I've ever seen. While I'm celebrating me, I'll celebrate you, too!

Carrie Lynn
Carrie Lynn
Dec 31, 2022
Replying to

A very Happy New Year to you!!

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