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Carrie Lynn,

Everyone has a story. They need to be shared.

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Welcome in! Look around.

Yellowstone Bison 2021

Here you will read the stories and research that fuels my heart. I love life stories. I am happy to share mine and hope, with your permission, to share yours, too.

Copies of the book "Finding Fitzgerald"

My work is published in multiple mediums.  Book form: Good Night, Mitch, and Finding Fitzgerald. I also have articles or essays in anthologies and magazines.

Price Canyon, Utah, image from circa 1900

Writing is my love. Research is my hobby. Presently my research focuses on Fitzgerald discoveries. however, I have future research projects ahead. I am excited to share those experiences with you.

Author Carrie Lynn standing by a wooden wall

Storytelling shaped my life. My grandmother was my first storyteller. I could sit for hours listening to her recount her childhood as an orphan. Over time she taught me to write. We exchanged letters.

I copied her techniques and styles. From both those mediums I gained a love of the human story.

In the past decade I have stepped out into the world of writing. Through work on books and articles, I have reaffirmed the human need for stories. My desire is to inspire others to share their stories.

We each have one. They need to be told.

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